We are going to be caught up in to the glorious love of God and the Communion of the Saints. We will rejoice forever, experiencing the love, glory, wisdom and beauty of God. Our union with God and with one another will be perfected and deepened in a way that we cannot even imagine now. The heart of heaven is to be with God who is the true answer to all our longings. We will be complete and lacking in nothing.

Although we will be “at rest,” we ought not think of this as a lack of activity but rather as a rest from the toils of this world. For indeed, within the Holy Trinity there is a great movement of love, a kind procession or dance of love between the persons of the Trinity. The Greek Fathers termed this movement of love the perichoresis. It is reasonable to suppose that we who attain heaven will be caught up into this great experience and joy that is described as a movement or dance.

As for the word “eternity” and the phrase “eternal life,” we ought not conceive of it merely as the length of life, but also as the fullness of life. Thus to have eternal life means that we will be fully alive with God. For now our life can seem wearisome or dull at times. Not so in heaven, where we will be fully alive with God as never before. There will be joy unspeakable, glories untold and life that is full in unimaginable ways.

Can’t wait. Get on your dancing shoes!