Many Catholics are wondering about tomorrow’s holy day of obligation (Immaculate Conception).

Catholics are required to attend Mass on the date Dec. 8. The Church allows that to be fulfilled by attending Mass the evening before (vigil) or anytime on the assigned day itself.

So, the bottom line is, you need to attend Mass twice within a three-day period this weekend.

  • Friday night and Saturday night
  • Friday night and Sunday
  • Saturday morning/afternoon and Saturday night
  • Saturday morning/afternoon and Sunday
  • Saturday night and Sunday

With the Immaculate Conception falling on a Saturday this year, some difficulties may arise with personal schedules. If no other option works, you may fulfill your obligation for Dec. 8 at a Saturday evening Mass in anticipation of the Second Sunday of Advent. If you do, though, that Mass would not fulfill your Sunday Mass requirement. You would need to go to Mass again on Sunday (the are no “two-for-one” specials). Or you could fulfill your obligation by attending a funeral or wedding Mass.

Michael R. Heinlein is editor of Simply Catholic. Follow him on Twitter @HeinleinMichael.